Imprinting on Calendar Cards

Card Imprint Information

Calendar Cards include up to six lines of imprinting. We recommend no more than 50 letters, spaces, and punctuation marks per line.

Custom logos are also available.

Six different type styles for imprints are available for calendar cards and they are pictured below. If you do not make a choice, we will use Type Style A.

Type Style Sample
A sample-imprint-a.png
B sample-imprint-b.gif
C sample-imprint-c.gif
D sample-imprint-d.gif
E sample-imprint-e.gif
F sample-imprint-f.gif

Envelope Imprinting

Envelope imprinting is included at no charge for all envelopes and appears on the back flap. Simply enter your imprint information into the box provided. You may include up to three lines of imprint with approximately 30 letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation per line. You'll receive one envelope for each card ordered. (For example, if you order 100 cards you'll receive 100 envelopes.)

Custom logos are also available for envelopes.